one system to rule them all!

  • Server Supreme.

    A state-of-the-art server with up to 112TB of storage pooled to one super volume. Managing this array is simple and allows for any novice to set their level of file protection. Easily set which files or folder get redundancy to safeguard against any possible drive failures while simultaneously increasing system performance. Our systems allow for you to easily add more storage as your media library grows over time.

  • Gaming & Virtual Reality.

    With the latest offerings from both Nvidia and AMD, 4K gaming finally possible. With Windows 10, gaming choices have become limitless and setup a breeze. Use your favorite controller, keyboard/mouse combo or, step up your game with the new Microsoft Elite fully programmable Xbox One Wireless controller. Our systems are VR Ready and support the Occlus, Vive and all other upcoming VR hardware. With services such as the Windows Store, Steam, Oculus Experiences, EA Access and many others, game libraries and possibilities are growing each day.

  • A Movie Buffs Dream.

    4K picture quality and Dolby Atmos support allow you to experience movies the way they were intended to be seen and heard. Play, store and organize your entire film collection, no matter how large. No more looking for discs and misplaced covers. Stream and share your library with friends and family anywhere.

  • Tomorrows Jukebox Realized.

    Your music library is as unique as you are. Take the soundtrack to your life wherever you go. Stream to virtually any device in high fidelity. Works with virtually any system including Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast and Sonos. Play your favorite tunes anywhere thoughout your home and even share playlists with friends anywhere in the world on any device. Powerful yet easy to use.